Establishment of the Sharjah Museum for Arabic contemporary Art represents an essential completion in the setting up of a series of museums in the Emirate of Sharjah. The museum's works are planned for integration with the rest of other museums as well with the plans put forward by the Directorate of Art and the Centre for Arab Contemporary Art in consideration of the aesthetic and educational importance needed by the Arabic mankind. This is very important for connecting the Arab people's artistic past with their future.

Moreover this could also add a documentary interest to the Arab plastic art movement that had a deficiency in this inclusive aspect, the fact that makes the theoretic and critic movement in compatible with the Arabic art producer. For this the museum could lay a practical solid base for the study, analysis and documentation of the Arab plastic art.
The museum comprehends the Arab artist's work divided into many groups according to attitudes and epochs.

Moreover it deals with the Arab plastic heritage collection in and out side the Arab world according to the well established resolutions and principles.

The museum works according to specific planned programme designed to make use of all the Artists tools and means of exhibition in and out of the Arab world. IN fact this is a very good chance for public to meet with the most famous Arab artists and see their works.

However the Sharjah Museum for Arabic contemporary art is established for introducing both Arab artists and Arab contemporary art to the world.

Artists who wish to exhibit their works in the museums hall could apply for reservations.


The museum lies at the center of the city, behind the old souk at Al Shwaihiyeen area.
Timings: During the week days and public holidays:
9 am to 1 pm & 5 pm to 8 pm
The museum is closed on Mondays.
Admission is Free-of-Charge.
Enquiries: Sharjah Art Museum, P O Box:19989, Sharjah.
Tel:009716-5688222, Fax:5686229.
Facilities: Coffee shop & car parking.



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